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Journal Papers
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Urban sustainability assessment at the neighborhood scale: Integrating spatial modellings and multi-criteria decision making approaches October 2023
Modeling Spatial Distribution of Carbon Sequestration, CO2 Absorption, and O2 Production in an Urban Area: Integrating Ground-Based Data, Remote Sensing Technique, and GWR Model June 2022
Advancing the mapping of optimal land use structure in industrialized areas: incorporating AERMOD modeling and MCE approach August 2022
Application of Air Pollution Mapping in Land-use Planning of Mobarakeh County June 2021
Industrial site selection using multi criteria evaluation methods in Golpayegan County Winter 2021
The Use of Sub- Surface Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment in Cold Arid Climate February 2020
Spatial modeling of land-use change in a rapidly urbanizing landscape in central Iran: integration of remote sensing, CA-Markov, and landscape metrics September 2020
Identifying noise disturbance by roads on wildlife: a case study in central Iran July 2019
Study of abundance and identification of benthic invertebrate in the Kamal Saleh Dam Lake, Arak Spring 2018
Investigation of heavy metal soil concentration (Pb, Cd, Zn and Cu) in different areas of Isfahan in 1396 Spring 2018
Analyzing the factors affecting the green supply chain management in logistic systems April 2017
Evaluating the effectiveness of Isfahan Province Areas to Climate Change and human interventions. Spring 2017
Heavy Metal Determination in Hair of Livestock in Lakan October 2015
Developing a pattern for ecological monitoring in central Zagros forests (Case Study; Helen Protected Forest) Spring 2015
Investigation of Lacan soil contamination with heavy metals and their accumulation in the regional plants Fall 2014
Economic Valuation of Different Management Options of Meighan Wetland November 2013
Ecological sustainability of agricultural landscapes with emphasis on landscape structure February 2011
Interdisciplinary analysis of hedgerow network landscapes' sustainability. April 2010
Environmental Impact Assessment of Oil Production Activities in Continental Shelf Region in Persian Gulf September 2004
کاربرد سیستم تالاب مصنوعی با جریان زیرسطحی در تصفیه فاضلاب شهری در اقلیم سرد و خشک (مطالعه موردی تصفیه‌خانه فاضلاب شهر اراک) Winter 1398
Conference Papers
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Urban Sustainability Assessment Based on Urban Ecological Networks May 2017
Ecological risk assessment of urban expansion in Isfahan region October 2016
Integrating dynamic system analysis and cellular automata for land use change assessment in Isfahan urban area October 2016
Without boundaries protected areas as an essential for Central Zagros biodiversity conservation (case study: Kohgiluye & Boir-Ahmad province) April 2011
The Importance of Biodiversity Conservation in sustainable Agriculture: a principal strategy on Rural Sustainable Development May 2011
The urban forest effects on biodiversity in semi-arid urban area August 2011
Study the role of land use patterns on promoting the biodiversity in semi arid area September 2010
Assessment of woody biomass potential as a source of energy in agricultural landscapes in western France, from local scale to regional scale October 2008
Landscape woody biomass estimation Using Scale linkage from tree to landscape August 2008
Are traditional and new planted hedgerows part of the sustainable development of agricultural landscapes June 2007
Emondage des haies pour la production du bois, une source de bois raméal fragmenté en zone bocagère March 2007
Emondage des haies et production de bois en zone bocagère, conséquence sur la durabilité du paysage agricole April 2006

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